Ms. Benzo is a dynamic Hip-Hop personality. She is essential to independent Hip-Hop. I truly feel she is irreplaceable in the Hip-Hop community… We need more of her.
— Josh Menza, C.E.O. of Deep Concepts Media
Lauren is a force to be reckoned with. She is the perfect storm of intellectual curiosity and tenacity for learning. I had the pleasure of having Lauren as a student in several Media Communications courses and she consistently wowed with her professionalism and motivation to always do her best.
— Emily Wray, Course Director at Full Sail University
Ms. Benzo is one of the illest journalist I know and her Hip-Hop knowledge and taste is beyond anyone I ever came across. She has been a huge supporter for my movement as a producer. #NowThatsHipHop
— RoadsArt, Music Producer
Benzo REALLY believed in my craft and helped pushed the issue for me without asking for one thing in return. Having never met in person, I’m super thankful for people like her that supported my art based solely off the fact that what they heard was DOPE music and weren’t swayed by the politics of the business. We need more people like her in the industry that want to assist in the continuance of REAL rap!
— D. Bledsoe, RPMG Hip-Hop Artist
Lauren Benzo has been a treat to work with. In the time I’ve known her, she’s been a sweet, loyal, and punctual person. Whenever I call on her, she is there. Always smiling with an energy that could light up a room. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. #tylerwoods #dblock #thebeatembassy #tyzart
— Tyler Woods, D-Block R&B Artist
Lauren is very dependable and in tune with everything that’s going on in music. She is a great journalist.
— Ran The Man, Roc Nation
Lauren Benzo, aside from being an overall wonderful person, is multitalented and particularly skilled in the fine art of communication. Her radio show was always a pleasure to listen to and as a journalist myself, I admire her on-air charisma and expressive way with words. Benzo and I have worked together in a multitude of capacities, including photo shoots where she modeled clothing for me (quite beautifully, I might add) and I can truly say that she is a consummate professional who gives 110% in whatever she does. Her creativity and work ethic knows no bounds.
— Khalid Strickland aka Black Pacino, Journalist
I first met Benzo when she had my artist on DYME Life Radio. She conducted a great interview. She asked good questions, held an interesting convo for the viewers and you could really tell that she did her research on the artist. Benzo has great energy and a good voice for radio. But most importantly she has a deep passion for what she does which makes her radio segment refreshing and rewarding for both the listeners and the artist that come to her show.
— Alvaro Lantigua, Hip Hop Artist Management
Lauren is a highly detailed hard working media professional. In my various interactions with her she has been a true professional. In the production, promotional and marketing of her radio show I’ve seen her grow and cultivate many strong relationships in the entertainment field. I feel confident that she will reach if greater heights in her upcoming pursuits.
— Jason Francis, Writer, Social Media Consultant & Event Correspondent