Alvin Tucker II Has a Plan for Change in Erie



Erie, PA (August 10, 2016) Alvin Tucker II speaks to Erie, PA local media outlet before the Bolden Preliminary Hearing at the Erie County Courthouse. (Photo Credit: Lauren Benzo)

Many people have been vocal on the pros and cons on Erie, PA for quite sometime. One person that felt the need to speak is a young man that has not only witnessed personal downfalls in the city, but whom is also seeking change in the 19.1 square miles that makes up the land portion of Erie. This young man's name is Alvin Tucker II.

Alvin Tucker II grew up in Upper Marlboro, MD with his parents and sibling Avery. While attending Florida Tech in 2010, he transferred to Erie, PA to attend Gannon University. After graduation in 2013, Alvin made a choice that ultimately changed his life.

His fellow graduates decided to leave the “mistake by the lake”, in order to pursue their careers in other cites that offer more than a similar demographic of Erie. This gave Alvin motivation to stay in Erie in order to “leave it” better than he “found it.”

In order to do this, Alvin had to tackle some issues over the years. From going to jail to being homeless, Alvin has had his share of hardships. Nevertheless, he states that all of the bad that has happened turned him into the positive human being that he is today and he would never change it.

Alvin has successfully launched a business and working on empowering the city of Erie through entrepreneurship, public speaking, and activism. On August 8, 2016, Alvin Tucker II wrote an article in response to “When Enough is Enough: The Arrest of Montrice Bolden and Police Brutality in Erie, PA.”

In the article he stated, “Can you name any events held in Erie that celebrate Black culture or Black life for that matter? I have currently started organizing a hip-hop show/ festival that celebrates Black Culture.”

He went on to say, “A lot of people have never left Erie, so they don’t know that in other places you see black doctors, black attorneys, and black public figures.” This is something that Alvin wants to change in Erie.

For a person that was not born in Erie, you can tell that Alvin is very passionate about change in the city. Alvin lives to inspire people to take control of their lives. Alvin also wants to empower people to do things that they are passionate about and to never settle for less.

While he is inspiring and empowering others, he wants them to inspire people to do the same in order to start a new cycle. This new cycle will be a force that can bring change that Alvin feels that Erie certainly needs.